Premarital Background Investigation

Background checks and investigations are an integral part of any fact-finding mission. If you are dating and you think things might start to get serious, or if you have some suspicions for any reason, it would be wise to have a background investigation conducted for you so that you are protected.


If you are in a relationship that is getting more serious or that might lead to marriage, it would be in your best interest to conduct a background investigation and make sure you know everything you can about your partner before committing your life to them. Or maybe your partner has been acting suspiciously and raising red flags, and you want to find out what is going on. In addition to the emotional bond between two people, it is important to be able to trust one another.  Emotions tend to cloud one’s judgment.


Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on the specific cause of your uneasiness, but you know something in your relationship is off.


  • Typical warning signs include excessive defensive and accusatory behavior, uncharacteristic forgetfulness and lying, secret phone calls, odd hours at work, sudden change in sex drive, and other questionable or unusual behavior
  • Has your partner been hiding or avoiding discussing his or her past?
  • Have you met any of his or her friends, family, or coworkers?
  • Has your partner asked to use your credit card or for a small loan? Has he or she been unusually curious about your finances?
  • Has your partner been overly curious about your whereabouts? Has it turned from cute and flattering to obsessive and intrusive?


Call Integrity Investigation Services today and let us conduct a background investigation to see if your partner is who they claim to be.