Pre-Employment Investigations



Pre-employment screening is commonplace today because employers recognize that the success of their businesses depends upon the quality and character of their employees. In fact, 80% of employers conduct pre-employment background checks on job applicants because pre-employment screens can help employers:


  • Ensure that job applicants possess the experience and credentials that they claim to have — and that are necessary to be effective in a particular position.
  • Protect assets and better control employee theft.
  • Ensure employees’ sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Lower employee turnover.
  • Avoid workplace accidents.
  • Limit insurance cost increases.
  • Control absenteeism.
  • Contain healthcare costs.
  • Protect against negligent hiring lawsuits.


When to Conduct a Pre-Employment Investigations

After the interview process and before actually hiring your candidate, pre-screening a potential employee will not only assist you with being informed about your candidate, but will facilitate the decision making process on behalf of your company/firm.


And, since screening applicants after the hiring process has been completed may be controversial or evoke possible litigation, it is best to perform this type of research prior to actually hiring the candidate; do not wait until it’s too late.