Insurance & Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud is a major problem for many Singapore big and SME companies today. Private Investigators have also seen a sharp increase in fraudulent local and foreigner worker’s compensation claims. While some employees do genuinely fall ill or suffer from injuries, others might exaggerate the impact of the injury or illness to increase the payout of their claim.


Here at Integrity Investigation Services, we have a best-in-class process that lets you get to the bottom of the matter, discreetly, professionally, and legally. We leverage some of the most cost effective intelligence gathering devices available to help you uncover the truth.


We have earned an outstanding reputation for carrying out professional investigations on behalf of insurance companies, organizations, and business owners. We can help you through the difficult times, so you can get the evidence you need to lessen the impact on your business.



  • Increased Insurance Premiums
  • Lost time of the employee
  • Cost of replacing the injured or ill employee
  • Cost of training the new employee
  • Overtime incurred by staff covering the absent employee


Despite all the costs, a large number of dubious claims go undetected because they’re not successfully investigated.


When you choose to work with Integrity Investigation Services, you get a team of highly experienced workers and compensation investigators working on your behalf. We specialize in fraud and corporate investigation so you can be sure you’re getting the results you need. Our team of investigators will take a look at specific details of the incident and get down to the bottom of the truth without wasting time.


We’re fully equipped with the right intelligence gathering tools and digital camera technologies that will give you the practical results you need.