Infidelity Investigations

Wondering whether your partner or spouse is really working late hours? Employing a private investigator to check on your partner is a difficult decision, however not knowing could be more difficult. Our professional investigators will assist our clients through this process of finding out the truth in a discreet and confidential manner. Concrete evidence obtained in the form of video recordings and pictures can be use should you decide to engage a lawyer for divorce proceedings. You can bank on our surveillance specialists to get the information you need. Our private investigators have handled a broad range of surveillance requests. Private investigations conducted with the highest level of proficiency. We gather valuable evidence and help people find the solutions they need.


How We Operate

Whether we need to dine alongside the subject, follow them to work and back, work out with them at the gym (all while filming), we don’t hesitate to do so. We’ve been in the industry for years and know exactly how to track the subject’s daily activities without their knowledge. What’s more is that we utilize some of the most sophisticated technology to record incidents and events even if they take place in the dark. Every video recorded there will be date and time and our reports are admissible for court purpose.


With Integrity Investigation Services, cheating spouses don’t stand a chance. Our private investigators work quickly and efficiently so you can get your information promptly. We also educate ourselves on the latest surveillance technologies that become available. With our successful approach and technical prowess, you’ll have your answers fast.


What Are the Tell-tale Signs If You Think Your Partner May be Cheating


  • Do they come home late more regularly now when they always used to be on time?
  • Do they avoid picking up their phone immediately when you telephone them? Or do they tend to miss your calls? This can mean that they are with another person and want to make sure they are alone before picking up the phone to you.
  • Do they miss calls on purpose when in the same room as you or leave the room to take calls? They will not want you to overhear their conversations if they are cheating.
  • Have they started to care more about how they look? If they are suddenly dressing up more, this might mean they are trying to impress a new partner.
  • Are they talking a little too much about a certain person in their life, whether a new friend or a co-worker? An increased interest in someone else could lead to cheating or may mean they are already acting on infidelity.
  • Do they check their messages or emails at strange times and in a secretive manner? This covertness could mean they are hiding something from you.
  • Are they avoiding having sexual intercourse with you? Or want sex more? Cheating can lead to a decreased or an increased interest in intimate relations.
  • Do they jump in the shower immediately after returning home from work? This could mean they are washing the scent of another person’s perfume or aftershave.
  • Do they keep their mobile on them at all times, even in the bathroom? A person who is engaging in calls and texts while cheating will not leave their electronics lying around and will be very possessive over them.