Employee Movement Monitoring

We would all like to feel that our employees are trustworthy – that they do the work required of them and that they are loyal to the company. However, the sad truth is that you don’t always know what your employees might be up to, and if you are suspicious that all is not well in your workplace then employee tracking might be the solution. Whether you’re worried an employee might be stealing from a company, going behind your back with other businesses, or simply just not doing their job, we are here to help you find out the truth.


We can put the right system in place to track employees, ranging from investigating specific employees to monitoring your entire workforce.


Some of the main worries that business owners come to us with are:


– Internet surfing poses a big problem for many businesses.

– Workers secretly plotting to start their own venture stealing customers from behind your back.


Our Private Investigators can help you solve problems like these by discretely uncovering the truth about what your employees are doing. Most of your employees are probably loyal and trustworthy but a few bad apples can easily harm productivity or worse.


The exact solution of course depends upon your requirements and we hope you’ll get in touch to chat about your needs. As a general guide measures we often use are:


– Install CCTV or hidden camera so the workforce know they are under scrutiny.

– Undercover surveillance to track the movements of specific individuals who may be abusing their position at work.

– Phone calls can be monitored to check employees are working for you not chatting to friends.

– PC keystroke monitoring can show what internet sites your workers visit.

– Bugging devices can be used to eavesdrop on conversations.

– Vehicle tracking can show employee and company vehicle movements.


Your privacy is vital to us so you can rest assured the information you give us is held in the strictest confidence.